Thin films and Nanomaterials

Team presentation

The study of thin films and nanomaterials has attracted a considerable interest taking into account their potential applications in various fields and in particular for medical, self cleaning and gas detection. In particular, these substances are an effective means of diagnosis and treatment of certain diseases in their early stages. They can also serve as a vector that transmits the drug directly to the target. The synthesized nanomaterials can also serve as self cleaning materials after an appropriate deposition.


Nanomaterials Titanium dioxide phosphorescent agent hyperthermia gas sensor self cleaning

Current projects

Team members

Dr. Wissem Cheikhrouhou-Koubaa, Professeur, CRNS

Dr. Abdelwaheb Cheikhrouhou, Emeritus Professor, Sfax University

Dr. Mohamed Koubaa, Professeur, ISBS

Dr. Safa Othmani, Associate Professor, FSM

Dr. Yassine Regaieg, Associate Professor, FSG

Dr. Amal Marzouki, Post-Doc, CRNS

Dr. Souheila Choura, Post-Doc, CRNS

Dr. Olfa Khemakhem, Post-Doc, CRNS

Dr. Jihed Makni, Post-Doc, CRNS

Kalthoum Riahi, PhD student, CRNS

Ichrak Chaaba, PhD student, CRNS

Noura Kharrat, PhD student, CRNS

Naima Amama, PhD student, CRNS

Sabeur Ayatt, PhD student, CRNS

Imen Ksentini, PhD student, CRNS

Sawsan Bouazizi, PhD student, CRNS

Marwa Kchaw, Master Degree Student, CRNS

Nejia Zagrouba, Master Degree Student, CRNS

Wiem Ammar, Master Degree Student, CRNS