Système intelligent de détection des fuites dans les conduites d’eau

  • Head: Manel Elleuchi
  • Field: Computer science
  • Theme: Smart water pipeline monitoring

Team presentation

The team is made up of 4 members. The project manager who takes care of project management, monitoring and sharing of tasks as well as the progress of the project. A master assistant who takes care of the cloud and communication part. A DEEP Learning expert who takes care of the creation of the model for our system. And an associate professor who helps us especially in the embedded system part.

Research activities

The research activities of the project focus on leak detection and localization techniques in low energy consumption for water pipeline, based on deep learning models. It also concerns communication, processing and cloud storage protocols. In addition to that, we deal with the technologies of Internet of thing (IoT).


IoT WPM Detection & Localization Cloud Routing Deep learning

Team members

-Docteur Chercheur : Manel Elleuchi (Chef de projet)
-Professeur : Mohamed ABID
-Maitre Assistante : Manel Boujelbene
-Expert : Zaineb ben Massoud