Power Management System for Energy Harvesting and Wireless Sensor Networks Application

  • Head: Rahma Aloulou Hajtaieb
  • Field: design of radio-frequency circuits, ,energy harvesting., wireless sensor networks, rectanna ,smart grid.
  • Theme: design and modeling of Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits

Team presentation

Energy Harvesting (EHV) circuits are developed as an alternative solution to supply energy to autonomous sensor nodes in WSN. Hence, main critical constraints have to be taken into consideration: low-power consumption, low- cost process integration within a minimum chip area at a high generated output voltage.In this context, this project, presents a micro-power management system for multi energy sources based on a novel design of circuit to allow the total autonomy of self-powered sensors. This work proposes low-voltage and high performances circuit suitable for implementation in standard CMOS technologies. 

Research activities

The ever growing needs for autonomous sensors and smart wireless sensor networks, has led to a focused effort

and recent advances in micro-scales energy harvesting power sources which can replace the batteries.

In such a concept, power management circuits are becoming fascinating devices and offer interesting

possibility to generate the needed high level voltage. Undoubtedly, various parameters must be taken into

consideration in the design to maximize the power conversion ratio.


design and modeling of Radio Frequency Energy Harvesting systems wireless sensor networks smart grid and E-health applications

Current projects

Team members

Mourad LOULOU, Professor at ENIS

Hassene MNIF, Professor at ENET'COM

Rahma ALOULOU, Associate Professor at Digital Research Centre of Sfax.

Walid TURKI, Phd

KaoutharDJMEL, Phd

Jihene MALLEK, Post-doc

Ines BEN AMOR, Post-doc


INES KAMMOUN,  Professor at ENIS

Sabrine KHRIJI,Phd