Nawel Jmail

  • Head: Nawel Jmail
  • Field: Physiological signal processing
  • Theme: Epilepsy

Team presentation

Our Team is composed of me N Jmail (Team leader), an assistant professor (A Hadriche),4 phd students and 3 master students, we deal with preprocessing of electrophysiological signal in order to map the brain activity and define epileptogenic zones. Restricting the EZ would lead to a free seizure. Our team is in collaboration with neurological department of Habib Bourguiba hospital (Sfax), La Timone hospital (Marseille) and perform center (Montreal).

Research activities

- Preprocessing of electrophysiological signals EEG, MEG and IEEG.

- Separation between spikes and oscillations in MEG and IEEG in epilepsy.

- Despikifing IEEG signal to predict the buildup seizure.

- Source localization of epileptic spikes and gamma oscillations in MEG and IEEG.

- Mapping Epileptic brain dynamic.

- Confrontation of the MEG recordings results versus Intracerebral EEG results.

- Embedding filtering methods using intelligent architecture.

- Evaluating centrality measures of brain dynamic.


Epilepsy preprocessing EEG MEG connectivity

Current projects

Team members

Team Leader: Assistant professor Habilitated to direct research (N Jmail)

Member: Assistant professor (A Hadriche)

Phd students: I EL Behi, Z Sadek, R Loukil, R Jarray

Master students: A Ncibi, T Guessmi, H Dadi