IT for health

Team presentation

The aim of this team is to develop e-health solutions allowing us to collect data via a set of sensors, analyze incoming sensor data together with data extracted from additional sources in the WWW and automatically propose a treatement plan. 

Research activities

  • Health monitoring systems
  • Medical record approaches
  • Health analysis approaches
  • Internet of (Medical) Things
  • Genomic analysis
  • Bio-informatics
  • Health informatics 


e-health Big Data Analytics Internet of Things Machine Learning Cloud computing Mobile health

Current projects

Team members

  • Prof. Dr. Mohamed Jmaiel
  • Prof. Dr. Bernd Freisleben
  • Dr. Afef Mdhaffar
  • Dr. Hatem Bellaj
  • Dr. Tarak Chaari
  • M. Sc. Emna Rekik
  • Ing. Salma Daoud
  • Ing. Abir Affes
  • Ing. Nour Naifar 
  • Fedi Cherif