• Head: Mohamed Abid
  • Field: Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) and embedded systems
  • Theme: Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are composed of individual embedded systems that are capable of interacting with their environment through various sensors.

Team presentation

The key actions of EARN project is devided on 4 teams. Team A focus on on WPM Algorithm and architecture (Dr. Mohamed Wassim Jmal and Phd std. Fatma Karray). Team B focus on security and routing For WPM ( Dr. Manel boujelbene and Dr. Manel elleuchi). The third team concentrate on adaptive platform. Finally, Team D focus on embedded FPGA, eFPGA ( Phd std. Rawdha Saida, Phd std. Hajer Saidi, Phd std. Aya Ayadi, Phd std. Khouloud Bouaziz, Dr. Mouna Baklouti, Dr. Mariem Turki, Dr.Yassine Hajkacem, Dr.Sonda chtourou).

Research activities

  • Design a low-energy chips for WSN
  • Explore and develop novel architectures for energy aware reconfigurable WSN Nodes (motes) using state-of-the-art FPGA and ultra-low power deep sub-micron Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC)/SoC technologies.
  • Offloading the compute intensive processing task from the processor to the augmented reconfigurable coprocessor and achieve high energy efficiency.
  • Production of quality publications and IPs for energy aware WSN Motes.
  • Validation through a real demonstrator for water leak detection
  • Evaluation and publication of results



Current projects

Team members

  • Dr. Mouna Baklouti, Associate Professor
  • Dr. Kais Loukil, Assistant Professor 
  • Dr. Wassim Jmal, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Manel Boujelbene, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Sonda Chtourou, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Hela Hakim, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Yassine Hajkacem, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Mariem Turki,  Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Oussama Ghorbel, Assistant
  • Dr. Manel Elleuchi
  • Phd std. Nesrine Atitallah
  • Phd std. Hajer Saidi
  • Phd std. Aya Ayadi
  • Phd std. Khouloud Bouaziz
  • Phd std Raouia KHelif