Social Media Mining

Team presentation

The Social Media Mining Team is composed of 7 researchers working on innovative projects. The main objective of its research is to make use of the huge volume of data available on social networks to better understand user behavior and interests. It is involved in research projects that aim to discover, track and prevent extremism in Tunisia and all over the Arab world based on social media mining techniques. Its main focus is about extracting useful information from text to identify and predict informative features about the social networks users.

Research activities

Natural languageprocessing,  Arabiclanguageprocssing, textmining, big data, social networks analysis, machine learning


Social streaming analysis textmining big data clustering authorprofiling

Current projects

Team members

Abdelmajid BEN Hamadou : Professor

Salma Jamoussi : Assistant Professor
Hanen Ameur : Phd Student
Amal Abid : Phd Student
Atika Mbarek : Phd Student
Amal Rekik : Phd Student
Rahma Basti : Master Student
Wafa Kardamine : Post-Doc