GOSME Project

  • Head: Maher Chaabene
  • Field: Energy management and optimization
  • Theme: Renewable Energy

Team presentation

The team is composed of one senior member, one doctor, one technologue and two doctoral students. All of them are acting in the field of the energy optimization in renewable energy based plants either grid connected or autonomous. Researches considers hardware and software developments. Solution are to be applied either in industries or for houses.

Research activities

  • Monitoring of energy consumption in industry
  • Energy optimization and management.
  • Energy management for PV/Battery/Grid-Connected Home
  • Self-consumption enhancement for PV/Battery/Grid-Connected Home
  • Supervision and control of renewable sources based installations


Photovoltaic energy optimization grid connection battery safety

Team members

  • Maher Chaabene: Proffesor
  • Dalia Fendri: Doctor
  • Azer Zairi: Technologue
  •  Imen Guidara: Doctoral student
  • Anoir Souissi: Doctoral student