Team of Robotics

  • Head: Nabil Derbel
  • Field: • Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Engineering
  • Theme: Robotic manipulators, mobile robotics, Photovoltaic energy, automatic and control, energy storage in batteries.

Team presentation

The project is being launched by a robotic team from the ENIS-CEMLab laboratory that suggests the design of an autonomous mobile robot by a collective effort that merges various research components.

Research activities

Main research themes of the research structure:
• Renewable Energy,
• Domotics and Robotics,
• Automation,
• Industrial Computing.


Automation mobile robots manipulator robots Renewable Energy photovoltaic panels batteries

Current projects

Team members

  Nabil Derbel: Professor

Zied Loukil: Engineer
Fatma Abdelhedi: Doctor
Ferdaous Masmoudi: Doctor
Noura Ayadi: Doctor
Marwa Ayadi: Doctor
Jihen Loukil: Phd Student
Boutheina Maalej: Phd Student
Mouna Medhioub: Phd Student
Imen Jarraya: Phd Student
Rabeb Abid: Phd Student