Smart textiles for patient follow-up

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Smart textiles for patient follow-up

Overview of the project

In recent years, textile industries were facing new ways in order to meet new needs and simplyto innovate.These textiles are known as "intelligent" textiles or textiles of the future involving innovative technologies. They will soon be present everywhere, whether in our clothes, in our equipment, or even in our furniture. There are many types, some are said to be connected, others have visual effects, and some are used in extreme sports (extreme sports, dangerous occupations, etc.). Generally, most of these textiles incorporate nanoparticles.

Among the different fields of application of these textiles, we will be particularly interested in health since they will be able to capture biomedical information about the people who wear them and transmit these informations by wireless communications to rescue centers or to analyse programs.

These textiles have several functionalities and, by passing the information via the Internet, the clothes will become a communication platform and a relay of information.


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