Self-cleaning devices based on TiO2

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Self-cleaning devices based on TiO2

Overview of the project

Nanotechnologies, which exploit the specific properties of nano-objects (optical, mechanical, electrical ...), have undergone remarkable development for several years and cover a wide range of fields, such as photocatalysis and energy.

In particular, titanium dioxide (TiO2), one of the most promising photocatalysts, appears to play a major role in addressing environmental challenges, particularly in terms of pollution. It is also a candidate for the efficient use of solar energy in photovoltaic or water separation devices for the production of hydrogen.

It is therefore a question of producing devices based on titanium dioxide and of testing their self-cleaning properties for the purification of air and sea. These same devices exhibiting energetic conversions of interest can also be used for energy purposes.


  • Self-cleaning devices