Nanonmetric materials for medical applications

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Nanonmetric materials for medical applications

Overview of the project

The study of devices and micro-sensors based on nanomaterials has attracted a considerable interest taking into account their potential applications in various fields and in particular for medical. Indeed, these substances are an effective means of diagnosis and treatment of certain diseases in their early stages.

In this context, we have already synthesized nanosized oxides which have the ability to see their temperature rise during the application of a magnetic field. This phenomenon is known as hyperthermia.

These nanomaterials, characterized by a transition temperature of about 40 ° C, when encapsulated and injected into the human body can achieve a temperature of 42 ° C under application of the magnetic field and therefore can selectively destroy cancer cells while normal cells resist.
The work has yielded very interesting results in terms of the transition temperature and size of the nanoparticles. The toxicity tests need to be performed in collaboration with Biologist colleagues .


  • Hyperthermia