Development of a micro-smart grid in the Technopark of Sfax

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Development of a micro-smart grid in the Technopark of Sfax

Overview of the project

Many international efforts are being made to develop an intelligent grid that collects energy from different sources to better distribute it according to demand. The implementation of this system requires a large set of equipment of different types.

The Smart Grid expression is often associated with the concept of Smart Meter capable of giving hourly billing allowing consumers to choose the best price from the different producing companies, but also to play on hours of consumption, allowing thus a better use of the electricity network. Such a system would also make it possible to map consumption more accurately and to better anticipate needs, at the local level.

Effective protocols and software solutions are required to communicate the different devices in a network in order to intelligently manage the energy grid.

The rate and volume of data retrieved from these devices are quite substantial. This massive data (BigData) is widely diversified and relatively heterogeneous and is often produced continuously, with a steady pace. In order to manage and process this large amount of information and massive data flow, large computing and storage capabilities are needed, often only available in large data centers.

The Smart Grid Team is composed of several researchers affiliated to several research structures in different fields: electronics, telecommunications, electrical engineering, computer science and quantitative methods.