Decision Aid and Traceability for Hospital Systems Efficiency

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Decision Aid and Traceability for Hospital Systems Efficiency

Overview of the project

Health is the foundation of a country’s human and economic development. Nowadays, health has a cost. In fact, in 2013, the total health expenditure represents 7.1% of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of Tunisia. Given the magnitude of the expenses, it is necessary to optimize them taking into account that the financial burden of resources represents more than 70%of health care costs.

In this project, the first step that we propose is identifying patients’ needs and expectations. After that, we must understand how the system works and point out all the specific constraints related to maternity in Sfax.

Second, based on the obtained results, we will propose a support tool for decision making that allows the identification of teams and the attribution of working sessions to employees in the hospital system as well as the assignment of tasks to employees in current time. A second prototype will be proposed which is related to a tracking system dedicated to maternities.