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Mohamed Abid


  • Address: Technopole of Sfax, PO Box 275, Sakiet Ezzit, 3021 Sfax - Tunisia
  • Phone: (+216) 74 863 042 - 74 863 044
  • Fax: (+216) 74 863 041
  • Email:

Head of «Computer Embedded System » laboratory CES-ENIS, Tunisia. Mohamed ABID is working now as a Professor at the Engineering National School of Sfax (ENIS), University of Sfax, Tunisia He received the Ph. D. degree from the National Institute of Applied Sciences, Toulouse (France) in 1989 in the area of Computer Engineering & Microelectronics. His current research interests include: hardware-software co-design, System on Chip, Reconfigurable System, and Embedded System, etc. He has also been investigating the  design and implementation issues of FPGA embedded systems. Dr. Abid served in national or international conference organization and program committees at different organizational levels including Conference Co-General Chair, Technical program co-chair, organization co-chair and Member of several national and international conference Program Committees. He was Founding Member of several international conferences and school: SCS, SSD, GEI, and SensorNetSchool. Recently, he is Vice General Co-chair of IDT’10. He was General Co-chair of SensorNetSchool’09, Vice General Co-chair of IDT’09, and Special Session Co-chair of ICECS’09. He is Member of technical committee of DASIP since 2007, ICM 2010 since 2006, ComNet 2010, and General Co-chair of IDT’08. He was also Joint Editor of Specific Issues in two International Journals and Joint editor of many conference’s articles nationals and internationals: ICM’2004, GEI’2006-07, SCS’2004. He is a co-editor of the best paper in the international conference EDAC-ETC-EuroASIC’96.

Experience of teaching and research related subjects to Embedded Systems to undergraduate students and training through research of postgraduate reaserchers level:

  •  Hardware design: VLSI, High level synthesis, ASIC, FPGA, Simulation and Synthesis Tools, etc.
  •  Software Engineering: Microprocessor, DSP, Computer Architecture, RTOS, Embedded System, etc.
  •  Hardware/Software co design of SoC and SoPC: System Specification, Co-simulation, Co-synthesis, Prototyping, Embedded System, IP, etc.
  •  Design & Integration of Modern Systems on embedded system: multimedia, robotics, securities, etc. 

- General Co-chair of IEEE-ICM’18, December 2018

 - General Co-chair of IEEE-IoTech’18, Mars 2018

- General Co-chair of IDT’16, December 2016

- Founding Member and General Co-chair of CES-Lab Workshops series, since 2012

- Founding Member and General Chair of CES-Lab doctorial days series, since 2012

- Founding Member of several international conferences and school: SCS, SSD, GEI, Sensor NetSchool

- Member of the Steering Committee of Conference on Design & Architectures for signal and image processing (DASIP) 2009-2011

- Member of the technical committee:  ICCD 2010-2011, DASIP since 2009, ICM since 2004, ComNet 2010, AdHocNets 2010

- General Co-chair of ICM’11, December 2011

- Vice General Co-chair of SIECPC 2011, April 2011

 - Member of the Steering Committee of DASIP 2010, October 2010 - General Co-chair of SensorNetSchool’09, December 2009

-Vice General Co-chair of IDT’09, November 2009

- Special Session Co-chair of ICECS’09 , December 2009

- General Co-chair of IDT’08, December 2008

 - Co-chair of the Technical Committees: GEI’02-08, ICM'04, GEI, JFAAA'02, 

- Co- chair of the Organizing Committees: SCS'04, SSD'03, ICM’98, JJC’94, ICM’92,

 - Member of the Scientific and Organizing Committees: DASIP’07, ICM’07, CDES-05, SSD’05, EMCSEAI'04, SSD’01, JSFT’00, ACIDCA’2000, TSS’99