Training on public markets


The The Digital Research Centre of Sfax (CRNS), organized a two day training meeting on public markets, on the theme: "Public markets in accordance with provisions of the new decree organizing public procurement" and this 03 and 04 December, 2014 in the auditorium of the Centre.
This seminar, led by Mr Abdelkader BARKOUTI, the Regional Controller of Public Spending Sfax, was attended by managers of higher education institutions and the public markets control agencies.
More than 90 people attended a two-day debate on the new developments in public markets introduced by Decree 1039/2014 of 13 March 2014, these new giving more responsibility to the public markets, fit into the framework development of the Tunisian economy and the establishment of a governance policy based on transparency and competition.
This event has shown once again, an opportunity in the center to demonstrate its capabilities to organize scientific activities, and offered participants an opportunity to discover a new research institution that continues to grow.
The material organization and content of training experienced an appreciation on the part of all participants.

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